Hi! Below you can find links to other platforms where you can find my art.


Q: "What program do you use for drawing?"

A: Currently I use both Adobe Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint.

Q: What tablet do you use?

A: I use Wacom Cintiq Pro 16.

Q: How long have you been drawing? / When have you started drawing?

A: I have been drawing ever since I were able to hold a pencil. I have always been drawing animals. Though my journey of digital art started when I was 13 years old. (I am almost 30 now!) That is when I also when I started drawing big cats and making OC's.

Q: How can you draw animals from so many different angles without struggle with anatomy?

A: Practice, do animal anatomy studies. I recommend doing gesture/line of action drawings too. You make very fast (under 2 min) drawings from a photo reference and focus on the shapes. I recommend this website:

The Comic / OC's

Q: What is the comic story about?

A: Sealed Hearts is a fantasy animal comic about guardian cave lions (with unique powers) fighting against a demon invasion. Taking place in an Eurasian Pleistocene themed setting.

Q: What is an Achidar?

A: "Achidar" is the name of the group of cave lions having unique powers. They are my fictional species based on Panthera Spelaea. They are recognized by their black ear tips. The Achidars do not live in "prides", but live in a "clan" system. Meaning that family members stay together. So one clan consists of multiple males and females. And they care together for offspring. Sometimes they will have members from different clans as well.

There are 4 clans (Polar Clan, Terra Clan, Eastern Clan and Storm Clan.) all spread over the world, and they are all allied with each other. Each clan has a different adaptation based on the environment they live in. Example: Polar Clan lions live in polar regions, so they will mostly consist of cream to white coloring and fur thickness like that of polar bears.

The Achidars willingly dedicate their lives into being guardians, protecting their land from evil and help out other animals in trouble. Demons regularly try to invade and create trouble. The Achidars use their fighting skills and power abilities to defeat them.

Q: Can I read all your old/scrapped comic work?

A: Currently you can only read them on my Discord server.

Q: Who is your favorite OC?

A: Night! Though the elder characters Seraphina and Theseus are also my favs. But I love all my OC's :D



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